Allow Mouse Up interaction as the first interaction on a screen

I think that it makes sense to have a “Mouse Up” interaction as the first interaction after navigating to a new screen since a “Drag” + “Navigate to” interaction is possible.

Since the “Drag” interaction works like a mouseDown + mouseMove, the natural follow-up action for the user after a mouse move would be to release the mouse click (Mouse Up). The user would only expect the state to change after releasing their hold on the mouse click.

Consider this drag & drop scenario where a different component is displayed from the item a user clicks on appears upon mouse down, and that component gets dragged around instead of the item itself:

  1. Mouse down + Open overlay
  2. Drag + Navigate to
  3. Mouse up + Navigate to

Any workarounds for this scenario out there? I’m currently using the Delay function as an interim solution at step 3.

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