Allow manual swapping of styles and symbols in Swap Library

This is currently giving me a whole lot of grief. Swap Library seems like a very useful tool, but in its current form it keeps failing because style and component names don’t match 1:1. It actually looks like the interface is meant to allow you to manually select replacements. (The grey arrow and text almost seems like an empty state) but there’s no option to do this.

Working with different teams and different brands and sub-brands, I don’t always have edit access to the different libraries I’m working with, or even access to the teams that control them. That means relying on naming conventions alone is usually not reliable. Just the ability to look through the library and select a manual swap (for example, “Primary Color” to “primary-color”) would make a huge difference and make so many of those phantom styles and “missing library” alerts go away.

Hi, this is related but not exactly the same feature. What you are asking has been discussed but it actually seems that there’s no active feature request for it. Upvoted, it’s crazy that it’s not possible and largely limits the use of “Swap libraries” (for example, there’s no way to update a component or style name without breaking the swap ability).

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Hi, I have also some constaints with the current swap.
We use as design token in files and swap the token to get the different changes (color, font,etc…)

One main contraint is when a component library is created with a Main design token file THEME1. In your project file whe nyou swap the token for THEME 2
=> It changes all styles => Perfect

It does not automatically change components if you need to continue work in the project. It is ultra super painful to adapt each component that have by default THEME1 into the THEME2

It could be a super By design feature you could provide swaping the tokens (UI foundation) of a frame of the file. And when a default is set, every component dropped into the file applied automatically the correct theme.

Hope it helps.
Continue the good work!


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