Allow Layer-Specific Override Preservations in Components

Hello Figma Community!

I wanted to share an idea that I believe could greatly enhance the power and flexibility of Figma’s component system. It revolves around the ability to have layer-specific overrides within components, allowing designers to apply and manage overrides on a per-layer basis. I believe this feature would be a valuable addition to Figma and provide numerous benefits to designers.

Here are some key reasons why layer-specific overrides would be a game-changer:

  1. Enhanced Flexibility: With layer-specific overrides, designers would gain greater control over their component variations. They could selectively override specific layers within a component while leaving others unaffected. This level of flexibility is invaluable when working on complex components that require different variations or interactions.

  2. Improved Efficiency: Imagine making structural changes to a component without the fear of losing or having to manually reapply overrides. An optional layer-specific override setting would streamline the design workflow, allowing designers to focus on the changes at hand instead of the tedious task of reapplying overrides. This would be especially useful in projects with multiple instances and complex override setups.

  3. Increased Maintainability: Managing and maintaining overrides within a component becomes much more manageable with layer-specific overrides. Designers could easily identify which layers have overrides and make adjustments as needed without affecting the overrides applied to other layers. This level of granularity would greatly improve the maintainability and scalability of components.

  4. Maintaining Compatibility and Collaboration : Since this feature would be optional, designers who prefer the current behavior of component-wide overrides can continue working in their preferred manner. This ensures compatibility and collaboration with team members or external stakeholders who may not be using the layer-specific override feature.

I believe that by implementing a setting for layer-specific overrides, Figma would empower designers to work with even more precision, control, and efficiency in their design processes. It would be a significant step forward in optimizing the component workflow and would greatly benefit designers across various industries.


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