Allow Hover AND Click together

Im starting to lose my confidence in Figma… stuff like this, a simple prototype action, that gets blocked by a hover state… prototyping over multiple pages… all such basic functionality… and there are 0 moderators here that can give us some clarification, about how the roadmap is looking, and where these features will be on the roadmap. And im not the only UX’er thinking this. Terrible support of Figma.


Please please resolve this.
It’s a must for web prototyping.

The workarounds are breaking stuff, adding extra clutter & not aligned to code.
I think this should be a native supported feature.


Another kind reminder about the well-intended “workarounds” by designers: please stop. We want an actual, supported and non-janky solution for a super common behaviour.

When designers give each other “hacks”, they give Figma a reason to deprioritise fixes.
Please stop.


I don’t know why this simple scenario still not be resolve yet, it’s really annoying. I just want to quick make a prototype, but I spent more extra time to figure out how to make a element having click and hover interaction


This is the best solution for this issue. There is no reason to to don’t give 1000000 heart!

3 years have been lost

I hope Figma folks prioritize this. it feels one of those foundational must haves.
I have had a lot of headaches as well when changing component variant on click using variables and combining that with hover.

Example: accordion-like table that needs to show details variant when clicked but it needs a hover. I had to ultimately remove the hover from design and add it as a written requirement…