Allow Copy + Paste the contents of table in FigJam

as subject.
it is very inconvenient.

Hi there,
You should be able to copy and paste by using the shortcut Command + C (Copy) and Command + V (Paste) , or using right click and select copy then paste.

Please see the screenshot.

If you are not able to do it, please reach out to the support team with a screenshot / video recording so we can try to replicate it here: Thank you!

The above solution only works for one table cell at a time.

User should be able to copy the contents of the table selection (not just a single cell) or the whole table and paste it as a normal table in any external application (e.g. Word, Excel, Email, etc), and vice versa.

For. e.g. I may want to copy/paste table data into an email. It is not viable to share a link with everyone.

not just that, the table should move together with an image. currently only text is moving with table row/column.