All buttons and options in Figma desktop layout are small and unreadable

Hi, guys! 2 days ago, my Figma on Desktop (windows), has buttons, columns and settings appearing in a reduced form. I can’t see what’s written on the buttons and it’s impossible to use a pentool, for example, because the dots are so small and unidentifiable. I can zoom in on the arts normally, but all the settings still appear small. I’ve already reinstalled Figma twice and it didn’t help! :frowning:

Has this happened to anyone out there, can anyone help me?

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Hello! I did the step by step on this link, but this just make zoom in my art project and not on the Figma layout. I can open my arts and zoom the artboard normaly, but all the butoons around are still small.

For example, when I do click with right mouse button on de artboard, the box with the options to click in “plugins”, “paste here”, “show/hide UI”, etc, are all writing in so much small letters.

Are you sure you tried to change the scale of the interface? I think you were changing the scale of the canvas.

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OMG!! Now I got it. Thank you so much!! Wish you a beautiful day! :slight_smile:

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