AI-Assisted Component + Pattern Discovery

I’d love to see AI used in Figma to help designers supercharge their workflows and consistency.

AI-Powered Component and Pattern Matching:
A feature that allows designers to query existing team design files for similar components and interaction patterns.

  • Designers could quickly identify if a component or interaction they are planning to create already exists within their team’s project files, thereby enhancing consistency and reducing duplicate work.
  • The tool can contain links to or previews of files containing similar components or interaction patterns, including specific details like page and frame where these components are located.
  • For teams using either Figma or 3rd party tools to document their design systems, this feature could extend its capabilities by querying the design system documentation directly from Figma. Designers could ask if a component they intend to use is appropriate for their use case based on the design system guidelines, ensuring alignment with established standards.


  • Enhanced Consistency: By facilitating easy access to existing components and interaction patterns, we can ensure a more unified and consistent user experience across different parts of a digital product.
  • Increased Efficiency: Designers can save time by quickly identifying and reusing existing components instead of creating new ones from scratch.
  • Improved Collaboration: This feature would promote a more collaborative environment by making it easier for team members to leverage work already done by others, reducing silos and fostering a culture of sharing and reuse.
  • Design System Alignment: Seamless integration with design system documentation tools like Supernova ensures that designs remain consistent with the broader design principles and guidelines established by the organization.
    Enhanced Global Collaboration: For global teams, this addition could significantly increase the efficiency of teams working asynchronously across different time zones, such as a designer in California collaborating with another designer in Ukraine. By enabling instant access to information about existing components and design patterns, team members can make informed decisions without the need to wait for responses from colleagues in different time zones.

Thanks for the feedback!

We’ll pass this onto our team for future consideration.