AI assistant for repetitive work

you know how it is. Sometimes you have to repeat the same actions over and over again on a whole lot of objects. I would love to have an AI powered assistant that understands what I’m trying to achieve. After doing the same thing twice, I should be able to tell Figma, “Hey, do the same for these 250 selected items!”

+1, all for it!

Figma acquired Diagram, an AI company. They talked about it during Config 2023. Talking about Config 2023, they also gave a keynote about their vision on AI in Figma. I haven’t watched it all, but I guess their vision would cover your use case, too.

I am curious what’s going to come out of this vision. Pretty interesting stuff. But on certain topics we lack insights in this community: what is Figma building, any progress or developments we can anticipate? What I can find is this the blog post with a video of the AI keynote: AI: The Next Chapter in Design | Figma Blog

It sure sounds interesting!


As much as that sounds exciting, we do have an AI Assistant who does it all for your sales, marketing, and support teams. We would love to have you try it and let us know if you find it helpful.

Kenyt AI Assistant