After State Management Update - Prototype Link Display is Mixed

Before the recent state management update, if I had a connection coming from a common component to a specific page (for instance I made a component of my website header bar where if I click on the company logo it acts as a home button from anywhere in the site), then when I click on Prototype it would not spam the page with displaying the line from the logo back to the homepage from every single frame with an instance of that component. I don’t know the terminology for this kind of link but I think of it as an “implied link”. Only the “explicit links” were shown going from frame to frame. If I wanted to see the implied links of a component then I could click on that component and it would then show all the links of that component. Also if I hit Ctrl+A (Select All) while in Prototype then both implied and explicit links would be shown. After the state management update, all my components and sheets seem to have different properties on this. Some always show and some are as they were, only visible on clicking that instance of a component. I cannot seem to find any setting that toggles this behavior but now my screen is so full of lines from implied links that my spaces are borderline unusable so I really need it to go back to its default behavior. Also, some dont seem to be affected, so even if my components are now supposed to show ALL links it appears that some are missing until I go in and realize they are just hidden. Its driving me mad trying to recheck all my work.

For instance if you have a header bar on a website that has 5 pages linked but you have 30 different screens showing different states of those pages, you have 150 implied links and lines all over the screen. It becomes so dense so fast you can’t work it.

Is there a way to control this behavior?