After delay opens overlay but then it doesn't stays

When I add an ‘after delay’ trigger for a cookies snack bar on my home, it animates correctly to the bottom but after a couple of seconds it animates back to no show… is there a solution for this error? :frowning:

Hi, Andy.

Can you send some image or video regarding your issue?


Sure! The overlay slides up correctly but after 2 seconds tops, it hides again the same way it came up :frowning: don’t know why since the other tutorials I’ve seen don’t seem to have this issue

Wanted to upload a tiny video of the error but since I’m a new member it didn’t let me :frowning:

If I’m not mistaken, what you want to do is to not automatically close the cookies snackbar?

Is it possible for you to share the file so I can further check especially the prototype settings.


Exactly. Wanted for the snackbar to enter the screen after a small delay and then stay on for the user to close like any other cookie notification would.

Sure, how can I share the file?

You can copy the link on the popup dialog box after clicking the share button.