Advanced Scrolling

I’m trying to make a prototype of a gantt chart and I need the scrolling to work a certain way but I am having a hard time figuring it out.

I need A to vertically scroll with B, but to be sticky and not horizontally scroll. And for C to horizontally scroll with B, but to also be sticky and not vertically scroll with A and B.

For more context, C is a chart where A is the horizontal line labels and C is the vertical line times. C will expand vertically and horizontally to show hundreds of rows and two days worth of times every 30 minutes.

So far I have only figured out how to get A and B to scroll vertically and B to scroll horizontally and going “behind” A so that it appears sticky. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get C to scroll horizontally with B but stay put when A and B are scrolling vertically.

Hope I’m making sense. Thanks for any help!

Oops, I should also add that D would just be a blank area but the same color background as A. So that C will go “behind” it when scrolling vertically and not be visible in that area.

Hi there,

Thanks for the post! I’m trying to test if it’s achievable. If I have a good idea, let me share it later!


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Trying to do the same thing. But I’m pretty convinced it can’t be done. “Sticky” needs to be applicable to horizontal scrolling, and that’s a feature they don’t support yet. There are probably other ways too…