Advanced component that changes other

Hi all! I have just learned how to create dynamic elements, in this case, a check box! Im super hyped :slight_smile:

I want to see if its possible to change one variable (X) when another variable (Y) is togged.
Like in my example below: I have a drop down menu with checkboxes. When I have checked 1 or more boxes, I want the component showing nr 3 (the value of checked components) to become True and also change the value based on the amount of checked boxes.

Im an old Flash guy and this was something that was widely used back then. So my question is - is it possible to do what I wrote above? If yes - I will squee IRL! :two_hearts:

Found the answer! This video shows a lot of great tips and tricks on how to play around with advanced and dynamic variables:

If you want the answer to my problem, scroll to 15.00 in the video. The core solution is there, i just need to do a few if() to see to that the counter goes up and down