Advanced check list - #count not working

Im trying to get my advanced check list to work but im having an issue with the #count and #total.

As you see in the pictures, I have set the condition to if #conunt==#total, change the variable in the component Alla (checkbox) to “Checked”. But when the #counter hits 6, the component dosnt change to the “Checked” state.

I have checked the spelling, and its correct. I have also connected all the variables.

Is there something im missing? Im not a programmer but i undersand the logic, so you should see me more as a nuub :slight_smile:




Thanks for reaching out. I’ve tried to reproduce the issue on my end. I created a very basic sample, is this similar to what you’re trying to achieve?

If possible, could you share the file link with us? This will help us understand the issue better.


Hi @y_toku!

Thank you for the video. I have moved on from this solution and and im trying to get it to work with setting variables to true/false in a larger capasity than before.

Right now im a but stuck tho, so your imput would be great anyways, since its the same problem but in a different form.

As you can see on the new images im uploading, i have set the checkbox to activate /deactivate when clicking on the object as well as adding and subtracting 1 and make #amount (the object that contains the #count object) to visable/hide. Everything works as it should.

The issue i have is that when im trying to add more variables/condictions to the object, i cant get it to work. As you can see, i have set the condition to:

if #count < #total → (total is set to 6)
Set Avdelning parent → (the object with the text Arbetsmarknadsförvaltningen)
to Indeterminate == true

How i see it (and as i said in my first post, im not a coder but i can read and write some code) is that when the #count object has a number thats below 6, the object called Arbetsmarknadsförvaltningen (that i have connected to the variable Avdelning parent) will set the checkmark boolean (Indeterminate) to True.

You can see the variable window and how it effects all the objects when i switch on Indeterminate.

Skärmbild 2024-02-26 133828

Hey there,

My apology about the delayed response! I saw you having a conversation in this thread: Problem getting variable to change - #3 by Oori_GO. I hope you’ll find a solution in the new thread!



Can I see all your functions?


i didn’t understand what you want to achieve.
Can you provide more details, the user flow that you want to achieve, please describe it like this so i will understand each step:

  1. user step 1…
  2. user step 2…
  3. user step 3…