Advance prototyping is not working

I try to set a logic that when the user selects over 5 tags then the “continue” button will light up. But the variable seems not working. I demo in the file, and would really wanna know where it went wrong.

Video link here: Advance protptyping bug?.mov - Google Drive

Thanks in advance!

Hey @MengChi_Chang! I checked in with the prototyping team, and they said that this looks like it’s built correctly, but they’d like to be able to look at the file from the video you recorded to see if they can capture what’s happening.

Would you be able to do that? If so, can you please share edit access to the file with You won’t be charged for this. Also, please note that alias is just to share files with, and will not receive any actual emails you send to it.

Once you do that, please let me know the name of the file (you can DM it to me if you want to keep the name private), and I’ll make sure it gets forwarded.

Thank you!

Thanks @ksn! I’ve filed a bug report and invited the support team to the file yesterday. The file name is “Tactile button”.

I couldn’t see the If condition being used onClick event.
On your initial chip, you should try:
Count = count+1
If (count >=5)
Count = count+1
isActive = true
ChangeTo = selected

On unselected:
Count = count -1
If (count <5)
isActive = False
Change to Unselected

You need to use a conditional action to check if the counter is over/under 5, and move the ‘Change to action’ to last. The order of actions is important.