Add support to import and export AVIF images

AVIF is already supported by Chrome and Firefox and Safari.

It would be good to also have animated AVIF supported for prototypes the same way that gifs play when viewing a prototype.


Agree, it’s starting to be used widely and matching live websites using it would be great.
It’s a pain to have to convert to png every time to import in figma


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UP, please support modern images

Honestly, this is the most frustrating thing about Figma right now. I feel like support for widely used web standards should be a given in a tool used for digital design -_-


Up, with support everywhere you’re falling behind in this.

Hello, Appreciate you sharing your thoughts about AVIF!
I totally understand how crucial it is for you to have support for this file type in Figma.
I’ve passed along your feedback to our internal team for future consideration!