Add payment options for extra plugin options

I offer free plugin on MIT license . As I remember there was no option to choose the license during publication so it was for free on MIT . I want now to add additional plugin services that the users could pay for them - i am reading now the payment api , but I am not sure so I would like to ask - does the payment checkout needs to be made by me like handle with Stripe , Paypal … payment ?


can i use Figma.payments.initiateCheckoutAsync function to request pyment in free plugin ?

Hi @Bartosz3, Thank you for reaching out with your interest in selling a plugin. Are you considering offering your resource in the Figma Community?

At the moment, our seller program is full. However, we’re actively exploring ways to expand the program and welcome more creators in the future.

If you’ve already let us know about your interest, rest assured we’ll notify you as soon as we reopen applications. If you haven’t yet, keep an eye on our Community Creators page for the latest updates.

We understand above may not be the news you were hoping for, but regarding the payment platform, you have the option to sell your plugins and widgets through Figma’s payment platform or an external payment site.

Keep in mind, if you choose Figma’s platform, please refrain from including links to third-party payment sites, marketplaces, or a checkout page on your personal website for purchasing your resource.

For more details, check out this article here:
About selling Community resources - Do I have to sell my resources using Figma’s payment platform? - Plugins and widgets

The Payments API can be used to build custom trial experiences for paid plugins.
For more information, see the Payments API documentation here: Requiring Payment | Plugin API

I hope this sheds some light on. If there’s anything I’ve missed please let us know. And if anyone from our community has additional insights or suggestions, we’d love for you to share them here!

Thanks again!

Sorry this answer is very low quality and to be honest You didnt answer to my question .

1.If I want to sell - can i add additional services and options to my free plugin and if yes - can i use gumroad for payment like - It would like this - the user of my plugin wants additional abilities so he clicks “get more options” button on the plugin and then the input filed shows and it informs " click the button below to buy a license key" and then it takes him to gumroad site where he buys license key to my plugin , he gets back to Figma and he puts license key and now it works fully . ??

Thanks for reply.

If you’re interested in selling your plugin within our community, you’ll need to be part of our seller program, which is currently at full capacity.

If you are already participate our seller program, you would be able to use the payment API you mentioned in your second comment.

However, ​​it appears that you are not currently listed as an developer in the program.

If you believe you are already registered and are a part of our program, please let us know so we can assist you further.

Again, very bad answer. You can sell plugins without being the the program, you just can’t use Figma’s own built-in monetization and payment APIs. This forum reply bot is annoying.

@Bartosz3 you can use Gumroad or LemonSqueezy or any other payment service, generate license keys and then ask the user to input the license key in the plugin. Then you use Gumroad or LemonSqueezy or other provider’s API to check if the license key is valid and save the result in client storage in the plugin. You can make the plugin fully paid or just paywall certain functions, it’s all up to you, you have full control.

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