Add "Hold and drag to move around" trigger in prototypes

I’ve been designing various complex platforms, apps, and websites on Figma. I’ve been waiting for Figma to add “Hold and drag to move around” trigger to the prototypes because it’s so useful in prototyping user dashboards. Imagine you want to design a complicated dashboard in an app and need to allow users customize their dashboard based on their needs, so they will need to be able to click and hold a widget in the dashboard and drag it around and swap it with another widget. This trigger can also be used in designing suer interactive websites and mobile apps. So please Figma start building this feature :)))))


+1, More complex drag functionality would be great in general. I’m finding drag as just a “swipe” interaction is just not cutting it anymore.


+1. Totally agree. I work on education products and having the ability to freely drag and drop items anywhere on the screen is very much needed for prototyping things like reading and math activities and teacher presentation tools!

I recall that back when I was using Axure a number of years ago they had the ability to make any object draggable either horizontally only, vertically only, or free drag. It was awesome, because you could trigger actions on drop, as well. Just searched it on YouTube – here is a 2 minute video showing a super simple example.

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