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Add Eraser

Hey, first off — I LOVE this feature! :fire: :100: :fire:

Secondly, Im trying FigJam out on an iPad with the pen and would really need a eraser tool to be able to quickly remove scribbles. Preferably enabled with a modifier key.

My thinking is;

  1. Have the pen selected
  2. Press modifier key (maybe alt) to activate eraser
  3. Release modifier key and go back to pen tool

FigJam is awesome! You guys are brilliant!

The eraser could also be a seperate tool like the pen


Yes! Was thinking the same! Could look something like this :point_down:


I couldn’t find an eraser tool

There’s no eraser tool but you can always select your objects and delete.

This is great feedback though. How do you imagine the eraser working? Would it be to erase the marker/pencil, or would it erase shapes and stickies too?

Would love to hear more about this! :slight_smile:

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There’s the option to use white but this isn’t the same as having an eraser as it covers the background sketching dots.

I would lean towards having the eraser erase marker/pencil. Could have two modes, “object erase” and “px erase” — Like apple notes.

I’m not sure if it should erase stickies and shapes. I mean whatever I draw on a whiteboard I can erase but stickies I need to toss. But could be confusing to draw an invisible line to what the tool can remove.


If you use a pen with a dedicated eraser button on the end or an eraser button where you hold it, Figjam should use that button to erase. That’s the ideal workflow.

However, Using the draw pen with a modifier key down (like Ctrl/Cmd or Shift) in order to erase would be a good backup for those who don’t have a dedicated eraser.

Also, in both cases, it should be able to erase an entire shape at a time or one substroke (or sections of pixels) at a time. Follow the established pattern in OneNote.


With one click or tap on the Eraser tool everything that’s erasable will remain visible, while everything else that’s not will be hidden/greyed out.

When we move the cursor over an erasable item, the item gets highlighted in response. We can erase things by clicking/tapping or scrubbing (erasing) over the surface. There’s an unerase/undo button as well in case of an accidental erase.

Perhaps also throw in erase history, something similar to Photoshop’s history panel? Or maybe it fits better as FigJam history, similar to Version History that we have in Figma?

Version History is one of the coolest feature that convince me to switch to Figma back in the days. It’s intuitive and easy to use:)

The marker tool is great, and it works extremely well with the Apple Pencil on Figurative already, even if it is an unsupported workflow. If an eraser tool is given, I’m sure the app will be able to hook into that to support the double tap to switch tool and what not.

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we need eraser tool

Definitely need this please

Well delete object maybe an overkill. Since this is free form drawing, we could have something in the whole drawing that may just need tinkering/minor modification eg: sometimes the lines overshoot etc, we don’t want to delete the whole line…just a part of it.

I’d love to use this in meetings and for ideation but without the ability to delete with my pen is pretty much unusable.