Add Code Panel in the Component playground - Dev Mode

It would be great if the code panel would also be visible in the Component playground in Dev Mode.

I understand the importance of restricting developers from making changes to the design, which is why we have the Component playground. However, developers might also need to inspect a component in various states, not just the state initially set by me.

This feature would greatly benefit developers by reducing the need to navigate back and forth between views, pages, or files.

I was envisioning something like this:


Hey @Ioana_Ionescu, thank you for your feedback! I understand the importance for developers to inspect a component in various states. I’ve shared your feedback internally with the team for consideration, and I got some attention from our engineers and product designers, so stay tuned!

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Hi @Gayani_S! That’s amazing! Thanks for sharing the feedback with the team. Can’t wait to see the magic happen! :smile: