Add attachments to comments

I’m a developer and our designers use Figma. Sometimes, I find cases where the proposed design doesn’t work in a certain situation, or could maybe be improved. I really want to be able to add a comment to Figma describing what I find plus a screenshot to better illustrate it. Because you can’t add attachments in comments, I end commenting and then DMing the designer with screenshots. This splits the discussion and ends up causing extra work and confusion for everybody.

To better illustrate this problem, I will attach a screenshot of a very common situation.

And now the discussion about the designs is completely outside of Figma in a place that nobody will be able to find in a month when someone asks “Why was this decision made?”

Discussions about design should be centralized, ideally close to the designs themselves. If the designers are using Figma to create the designs, and I can make comments about the designs, it makes so much sense to be able to attach a visual to my comment to help me describe things.

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