Add a "type"/"area"/"role"/"team" tag in comments

Hi, in my team we use a lot the comments tool and we really appreciate the improvements. Still, we are lacking an important feature, wich is saying to who in the team we are refering the comment.
For example, we have a design team and a developer team. We sometimes had the problem that we see there is a comment (aka, something to change or fix), but when we search for it, we see it’s only for the dev team (we are the design team). We can’t hide it because it would also hide for the devs, wich are the ones that need to see it (for example a note or an observation of how the database works with a particular component).
It would be much easier if the comments has like a color or tag for each team, to improve the visualization. Maybe going further, such as giving tags more specifics (for example, a comment for the ui team inside the design team, or the animations team inside the design team).

Hey Jose, thank you for your feedback! Community members can now leave their feedback and votes.