Add a trigger action to 1) turn on/off visibility of other objects and 2) change state of other components within the top frame

This will help to create significantly less similar frames for different states of the same frame.

Similar to actions as to overlays—action that triggers other object and not the one that catches the action—it would be very useful to have an ability to influence other objects within the top frame. E.g. click an element and it triggers 1) hiding/showing another element in the top frame or 2) change state of an element in case the element is a component instance.

For example, lets imagine design of a week calendar like in Google Calendar with 7 days of a week. In the header there is a button “show/hide weekend”. The calendar itself is auto layout with 7 columns for each day. Instead of creating 2 separate identical frames—one for 7 days and another for 5 days to switch between them—it could be enough to have just one frame for both options if the “show/hide weekend” had an action to turn visibility of two weekend columns within the week auto layout on or off.

Now imagine that there are one more element in this calendar: an additional tasklist and button to show/hide the tasklist. Right now, without ability to trigger state or visibility change of other objects in a frame we need to have 4 identical frames to check all possible states of the calendar week: a) 7 days, not tasklist, b) 5 days, no tasklist, c) 7 days with tasklist, d) 5 days with tasklist.

Instead, we could just do all this within just one frame should there be a possibility to trigger visibility change of 2 weekend days and the tasklist.

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