Add a name for each divider

Great to see the addition of dividers. Would really love the ability to add a name for each divider, because this still doesn’t solve the issue where we need to create an empty page titled “{Section Name}” to call out what the divider is actually dividing.


The new update that adds a divider line between pages is excellent. However, I had an idea that could be even better: the ability to add a label to divide the pages. I created a visual representation of this, and the suggestive image is attached.


Agreed. In most cases, where I need dividers, I’ll still have to use empty pages named something like ‘· · · · · · · · · · · · · · EXPLORATIONS’ rather than the new dividers in order to clearly organize my pages.

Thanks for the feedback, @John_Jackson1!

We’re moving this to its own feature request topic. We’ll pass it onto the team for future consideration.

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I agree with adding a name for sections. Today we are adding the divider with section name like (----- NAME -----).
A section with name will be better to avoid empty pages.