Add a Copy Link Shortcut key

Hi, since you added linking in Figma I use Copy Link constantly - is there a shortcut key for that or can you please add it to the wishlist?


If you are on Mac, you can assign custom shortcuts to menubar actions in all apps including Figma via System Preferences. If you are on windows, you can create an action using AutoHotKey or something similar.

An easy way to copy link

For anyone who doesn’t know yet — an easier way to copy the link to the specific frame is right clicking the tab: Easy Access to “Copy LInk to Selected Frame” - #2 by Gleb


Copy Link is not available in the menu bar, so kinda impossible to add this shortcut. Figma needs to utilize the top toolbar better.


+1 to this! Would love to select a frame and enter a command shortcut that does the same action as Share > Copy link — I’m constantly sharing links in Slack!


I would love a keyboard shortcut to copy a link to a frame. Or even exposing the option in the “CMD+/” menu would be great. It’s a small thing but it’d make my life easier if I didn’t have to click share and then click copy link to frame over and over.


We regularly copy the Preview page’s link in order to share it in Jira or wherever a UX story is described. Currently we need to use the mouse to click two times to copy the link to the frame shown. A keyboard shortcut would be helpful.

Currently in Preview mode the Edit > Copy option is enabled, but its not clear what, if anything, is being copied. It’s not the URL.

+1 to this question. I regularly share frame links for the team and this is a big problem. Please, hear us!

Now I trying to help myself with mouse macros, but this is like BDSM practice.

+1 I really need this I use the links for Jira tickets!!


Constantly in need of this all day for creating Asana tasks. Would be a big time saver.

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Also need this for JIRA - huge for product managers

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An easy way to copy link

For anyone who doesn’t know yet — an easier way to copy the link to the specific frame is right clicking the tab: Easy Access to "Copy LInk to Selected Frame" - #2 by Gleb

+1 !!!
Right click >> Copy >> Copy link is getting so tiresome…

Could someone create a plugin or a shortcut, like Cmd+Ctrl+C?

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I’m also eagerly awaiting this feature to be transcribed into Jira.

Unfortunately, that “Easy Access” solution by right-clicking the tab isn’t quick because it fails Fitt’s Law: small target and very far away. Thanks for sharing anyway, but I think this really needs some developer attention.

I got so tired of going through this operation that I decided to write a keybind macro. Once a frame is selected, I hit <ctrl + cmd+ c>, which simulates the key presses needed to open the menu and select Copy Link. It’s brittle (e.g., if the menu list gets updated), but better than nothing.

If any of you use Hammerspoon, here is the script:

-- Simluate keypress with low-level eventap event
-- which is faster than hs.eventtap.keyStroke
local function keyPress(key, n)
  n = n or 1
  local newKeyEvent = hs.eventtap.event.newKeyEvent
  for _ = 1, n do
    newKeyEvent({}, key, true):post()
    newKeyEvent({}, key, false):post()

-- Use `rightClick` over `eventtap.event.newMouseEvent` for the delay, which gives
-- the menu time to gain focus before we simulate other keyboard events
-- Delay is in microseconds: 10000 = 10ms
local function mousePress()
  local ptMouse = hs.mouse.absolutePosition()
  hs.eventtap.rightClick(ptMouse, 10000)

-- set up the hotkey binding as <ctrl + c>
-- add some methods to turn it off and on
local copyFrameLink = {
  binding ={'ctrl', 'cmd'}, 'c', function ()
    keyPress('down', 4)
    keyPress('down', 4)
function copyFrameLink.enable()
function copyFrameLink.disable()

-- bind the hotkeys to an application
local wf = hs.window.filter
local figma ={'Figma'}

-- only use the `copyFrameLink` keybinding when Figma is the focused window
figma:subscribe(wf.windowFocused, copyFrameLink.enable)
figma:subscribe(wf.windowUnfocused, copyFrameLink.disable)
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If/when this gets implemented, and in case this thread gets read for that sake, it would be perfect to have two keyboard shortcuts:

  1. One to copy the link to the currently selected frame (or full file if no frame is selected), and…
  2. One to copy the link to the presentation for the file (“Preview”?)

I frequently want to copy both of these (to put in documents which either a designer or a PM/Eng might want to see, and they sometimes want either the full file or just the preso link. If I had to choose one of these instead of both the second one is the one I do frequently and which can be painful because I have to wait for the preso to load before copying the link for it.


The Figma Desktop App has a shortcut Cmd/Ctrl + L to copy a link to a page or frame.


Hey @BenKopf_UPS and everyone else, thanks for your feedback here. We’ve updated this shortcut in the Desktop to include the file link as well as the link to frames!


Why doesn’t the keyboard shortcut (⌘L) show up in the contextual menu under Copy/Paste as… > Copy Link? Is that command different than the Copy Link (⌘L) command on the tab?

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Command-L worked for quite some time to copy links to frames, but in the last few weeks it only copies a link to the page, not the selected frame. It took me a while to realize the links I was sending to people were just to the page and not the object we were discussing. Please re-instate Command-L to copy a link to the selected object (if there is one). It’s very frustrating to have to right-click to find the Copy link menu item.

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