Accidentally changing the padding when I drag

Hi Guys,

I like the new updates. It creates more flexibility and convenience.

But i I kept accidentally changing the padding when I drag or change the item size. Could we find a way to disable that?

Hi! Thanks for the feedback!

We definitely want to keep accidental inputs to a minimum with these new canvas controls.

For anyone who is experiencing this, if you can share any details of when you’re seeing accidental changes (For example: is it for padding or spacing? When moving or resizing? the more detail the better!), that would help a lot for us to fine tune the interaction here. Feel free to post here or message me. Thanks!

Typically it’s padding that’s problematic because it’s so close to the frame edge where I’m trying to target to resize.

Same here. I don’t every use the canvas control to drag padding, so for me it’s not a convenience to have it. It would be great if there would be a setting to disable it using command + / (just like you can enable and disable the drawing of layout grids).

Yes it’s kind of annoying because I’m so used to changing paddings via Design Panel. The main problem is we usually have defined paddings and it is much much easier input for example 24 rather than dragging from 0 to 24.
It also adds a level frustration when resizing auto layout as they are closer to the edge cursor most of the times picks padding handles instead object bounds, we have to zoom significantly so that we accurately select bounds.

It majorly happens when trying to resize, cursor picks padding handles instead of object bounds. It only affects padding.

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I’m also having this problem (trying to resize an auto-layout element and accidentally changing the padding), which is quite frustrating. There was another thread about this but it’s closed due to inactivity. I’m posting the link to it here, in part just to keep this thread going: Feature: Disabling new auto layout visual handles

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