Access text position style - subscript / superscript

Text has “Position” (under “Details” Type settings) in UI where we can set subscript / superscript, is it possible to access this information via API?

As of what appears to be August 24, you can now read openTypeFeatures from a text node.
this does contain info in an object of the selected range regarding it’s superscrit status
At present, from what I see this isn’t currently an element you can set in the API.


Hi Zhihao,
this can now be seen in the getRangeOpenTypeFeatures.
presently sadly it can’t be set as far as I can tell.

@Ian_Barrow hello! Is there any plans on adding support to setRangeOpenTypeFeatures?

@Dmytro_Chernov I think you’d need to ask someone at Figma that question.
I am hoping that they do, but not sure if it’s on their radar.
If they do, then i will be implementing it in my plugin.

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