Access dropdown button options in Hover state within the card

I have designed a card that has two states:
One “Default” and one “Hover”.
In the “Hover” state a drop-down button is displayed.

The problem arises when I try to access the button options, since when I move the cursor it is outside the card area, it returns to its “Default” state.

How can I solve it, can anyone help me?

I would greatly appreciate the community.

Design System Generic.fig (1.0 MB)

Hi @Marlon! Thanks for reaching out about interactions! I appreciate you sharing the screenshot and video that help us understand the issue clearly.

I’m not entirely sure if these options would address this particular situation, but here are two suggestions I can think of at the moment:

  • Create a Hover interaction for an object that includes the range of the dropdown object.

  • Use the [Mouse enter] interaction with the [Close when clicking outside] option. You can check the interaction details here: Create interactions

I hope one of these options might provide some insights for you!
Please let us know if I’m missing any additional points.

There could be others in the community who have faced similar challenges. We welcome any advice or suggestions from our community! Please feel free to jump in!


Thank you very much for responding to my query.

I tell you that I considered option 2 among the solutions but it did not convince me.

I would like to know more in detail, how did you do option 1?

Thanks again.

Hi @Marlon, Thanks for getting back to us! I’m happy to hear that you gave it a try.

Please take a look at option one below.

Moreover, you can explore our community to discover if there is anything that suits your needs. For instance, check out here: Figma Community - Dropdown Menu
Feel free to explore on your own!
And of course, we’re continuing to welcome input from fellow community members!