Absolute confusion

Anyone please help me on this, For sort data I’m using absolute position, inside the auto layout but showing behind the card

Just change the layer order. I believe an absolutely positioned element will default to the bottom of the layer order, appearing above the rest in the frame, visually. If you had moved it to the top of the layer order, it will be below the rest in the frame.

Those are all inside auto layout so i can’t move the layer

If you go to the advanced layout menu you can switch the layer order to ‘first on top’

But you should technically be able to move an absolute positioned layer in your AL container

I changed but it’s still behind the card

Please share your file!

you can move the layer order of an absolute position layer to any order you like, it won’t affect the other layers. And if you are editing a component make sure you are editing the main component rather than an instance.

It worked thanks