About local variables

Hi there! I wanna share my idea about local variables. I wanna create various and unique color or number variables for every component. For example, I created a button and created fill, border, and text colors. And I have inputs also but I don’t wanna see variables that previously I have created for buttons, that’s why I need to connect button variables to my button component only. And button color variables will not appear for inputs.

I think it will be useful to link variables to every unique component.

Personally, i think it would become really messy to allow variable to specific components.
Learn to properly use variables, and everything would be fine (by exemple by using different collections). :muscle:

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Hey All, thanks for the feedback!

We’ll pass this onto our team to review as we’re definitely looking for ways to improve while Variables is still in open beta, but Mattéo does actually make a great point about learning how to use Collections.

More info here:

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