About how Variables is viewed in development mode?

Variables have been set for example the theme color, the theme color of the text, and the design is done on the draft, but only in design mode, the variables of the page can be switched, in development mode, there is not, so does it mean that the whole page needs to be copied to reach a different theme color? In that case, if the design is changed, you still have to copy it again to replace it?

I can only replicate the design now by making it into a component, but I don’t think making it into a component is a normal workflow.

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I design in several languages. So I wanted to create frames only for 1 languages and other localization store in variables. The problem is I want a developer to have access to those variables in devmode


Not sure this helps but you can make a variable string with each lang. Like here for the button I hav english and swedish. Then with sections set to show either the swedish or english text I just drag in the component that has that sting set to its text element.

I have a lot of screens. If I duplicate all of them into several languages my file will be super big and updating them is challenge