Ability to use the right-click to move around the canvas

I find it really frustrating to have to either hold the space button or toggle between the hand tool to move around on my board. Can you please include an option to let us hold the right mouse button to hover and move around on the board?


this is like how miro works with a mouse right?

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@Yash_Mani If you weren’t already aware, you can also hit the ‘H’ key to immediately swap to the hand tool for quick maneuvering on the canvas.

I’m going to leave this topic open, so that others that would like this can vote on it.

Just curious – why would you prefer having right-click move around the canvas instead of having an options menu?


Thank you for letting me know about the hand switch!

It is much easier to use a right-click to move around instead of switching. Right-click could be activating the hand function temporarily.


Gotcha! Ty for the feedback :grin:

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Just to add to this - From using Miro regularly in the past, I find this functionality coupled with the ability to zoom in and out with the scroll on a mouse, makes it a breeze to move around boards quickly. Something I would love to see as an option here.


@ksn Miro solved it quite nicely without an “either-or” decision.
Right-clicking and holding moves the canvas
Rick-clicking and instant releasing opens the options menu

I also prefer this behavior because the right mouse button needs much less activation force than the middle mouse button.


I very much agree with these features. Right clicking to move the screen and using the mouse wheel to zoom in and out would be very intuitive. I recently used the “draw.io” service with this feature, and I’m very happy with it.

You could implement both the options pop-up menu and the hand tool (move around) functionality on right click:

Activate the hand tool by detecting a right-click (without releasing) → user drags the mouse to move the canvas accordingly. No options menu.

If a right-click is detected followed by a release, without any change in mouse position (i.e., no dragging occurs) → the options menu will be displayed.