Ability to reorder Variable Modes

+1 We need this. Not just modes. We need to reorder Collections too.

Moving them from one file to another would also be a great help.

Let’s keep this thread alive until they get noticed.

We need this!!

Thank you for sharing! We’ll pass this onto the team for consideration.- Toku


I found a plugin that’s specifically for reordering modes, its called Reorder Variable Modes. You can drag’n drop them in the order you want, specially useful for setting a default mode (first column) after you’ve created several others.

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It’s pretty bizarre that this isn’t possible already. It’s such an essential and needed feature, and yet, it is absent for some reason.

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We’re still waiting for this obvious thing!

We need this so bad!

+1 Still need this!

+1 Would be much appreciated

+1 to this. One thing I’m finding w/ Figma’s deeper features is how much scope we’re required to plan for up front, and this is a perfect example. As a designer, this just isn’t how I typically think – ideas grow as needs arise. A simple re-ordering feature should be a no-brainer.

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This would be very valuable to me as a design system maker! For example, we’re shifting to mobile-forward development, but previously prioritized desktop screen sizes. Would like our default modes to reflect what designers are now most frequently prototyping in!