Ability to position an element with padding within an autolayout

Autolayouts have 3 aligment options (left/top, center and right/bottom), but I would find it useful if I could reposition an element as I wish. The case is this:

I can’t reposition the cancel icon as I wish, which makes it misaligned. The only way I can go about it giving that icon an autolayout of itself, which seems useless and makes my structure bloated. Could this be an added feature?

Hi @Bart_Van_Hecke, Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

Is sounds like you are looking for way to place the X icon precisely relative to the parent auto layout container.
If that’s the case, you might want to consider applying an absolute position. Here are the details: Explore auto layout properties - ​​Absolute position

If the suggestions above don’t work for your design, please remember to vote for your idea. Additionally, if you could share any further comments or details, that would be really helpful to understand your needs better!

Also, I came across an idea from another community member that might align with your needs, though I’m not entirely sure. Please check it out: Ability to pin objects to the side of a container

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. If anyone else in our community supports this idea, please make sure to cast your vote too!

Hi @Junko3 I did consider absolute position but it doesn’t scale relatively when I resize the component and @Ben_Dansby solution would be great. So I voted for both topics :wink: