Ability to automate and adjust text underline styling

Have a feature request/idea for underline application that would really help speed up our team’s workflow and file maintenance.

The Problem:
We frequently create editorial designs (articles, etc.) and have to mock up inline hyperlink styles within body copy paragraphs to show stakeholders. For accessibility, we generally have to use an underline for our hyperlinks.

The problem is that the underline function in Figma is limited to basic rich text styling and not editable at all. So, it’s super thin, same-color-as-the-text, and the spacing from the baseline b/w underline can’t be adjusted.

I’m aware that we can manually add an underline/stroke instead and use auto layout to achieve our desired spacing/color, but the issue there is that it doesn’t flex with the actual body copy, causing us to do tedious adjustments so the underlines remain aligned with the respective hyperlink text as things in our designs change/update.

The Idea:
Is there a way to automate this in Figma somehow? Meaning, to have the ability to manually click into a word within a paragraph text block, assign it a “hyperlink” style that flexes as the design/content adjusts, and have that hyperlink be customizable (color, spacing, and stroke thickness)?


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