A few Ideas to improve variables

Option to use nested (objects with) variables. Big need!
Every tutorial about variables you watch skips using button states :slight_smile:

Variable Window

  • option to search (if you have a lot of variables)
  • Scalable columns (if variable names or strings are too long)
  • show if variable is used (good to know when you want to clean up your mess)


  • bigger Window please
  • Being able to copy from the variables Popup to another popup (like it is already possible in the right column)
  • Tootltip for (long)variable names
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Hi there,

Thank you for providing feedback! I will share this with our internal team. Your input is highly valued, and we will take it into consideration for future enhancements.


Is the location where one can monitor the state of all or some of the variables in the project? It would be extremely useful in debugging the prototype.