5 Figma Plugins for UI/UX Designers in 2021

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For the first time, I’ve actually recorded something and uploaded it on YouTube. I’ve talked about 5 plugins I use the most.

Here is the link to the video: https://youtu.be/yiQLEVgc_Hs

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  1. Wire Box: With the appearance of layout structures it ends up simpler and simpler to paintings in hi-fi designs speedy and easily. Sometimes, however, you want to step return into lo-fi wireframes. Wire Box is a superb device that facilitates you exchange your designs returned to wires with simply one click.

  2. Autoflow: If you want to illustrate the consumer go with the drift in your internet site or app project, Autoflow is a completely accessible plugin that makes it smooth to attract flows. Simply choose 2 gadgets and a line may be magically drawn among them.

  3. Chart: Chart is a plugin for Figma that makes use of actual or random information to create the maximum famous charts. The chart helps copy-paste from editors like Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets, stay reference to Google Sheets and far off JSON (REST API), neighborhood CSV, and JSON documents.

  4. Coda for Figma: Coda is a Figma plugin that facilitates your layout with information from apps like Spotify, Wikipedia, or your very own custom information with this plugin. This plugin works with Coda, a device for making documents. Simply create a desk in Coda, and use the plugin to fill your designs with content material from the tables.

  5. Design System Organizer: Manage your layout device simpler with the Figma plugin — Design System Organizer. Features encompass bulk switch of additives and patterns among documents and re- hyperlink used times to new masters with identical names. Manage names with multiple /’s like a folder.

**UI and UX classes in Pune**

Stark: Ensures designs are accessible to all users by providing contrast checking, color blindness simulation, and more.
Content Reel: Allows designers to populate designs with real content from popular platforms like Unsplash and Lorem Ipsum.
AEUX: Transfers designs seamlessly between Figma and After Effects, enabling smoother motion graphics workflows.
Figmotion: Adds powerful animation capabilities to Figma, allowing designers to create interactive prototypes and micro-interactions.
Avatarify: Generates avatars and placeholder images using AI, saving time and adding a touch of personalization to designs.