Word spacing feature

There is no way to add spaces between words in typography section in Figma. There is a huge difference between letter spacing and word spacing in typography. However, we only have the ability to change the spacing of letters instead. There is even a CSS property called word-spacing.

word spacing in CSS

Letter spacing in CSS

So can we have the simple word spacing feature added to Figma typography section


Found this after searching Google - super surprised its not in Figma.


indeed, word spacing is a must have.
Far from perfect UX, with a plugin is relative easy to emulate the feature with letter spacing applied to spaces, but u will end up with the spacing as “mix” in the properties UI panel. But could work ok if it generates a clone of the text object in the editor, so it doesnt screw the original text node.


Word spacing is used to increase the readability of font-weight above 600 and of enlarged text such as headings. Maybe the product manager did not find a big enough reason to include word spacing!

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Waiting for this feature :)))


Please add this feature. The latest accessibility guidelines reference word spacing minimums and users being able to change this setting. I’d like the ability to control word spacing in my designs to see how they are affected when changed.


I absolutely need this feature, thanks for bringing it up!

letter-spacing is not enough and it feels bothersome to create a single text-field for each word and put them in an auto-layout just to fake word-spacing :cry:


Keeping this thread alive. Yes please to word spacing!


Hey, guys! Please, don’t forget the word spacing. Thank you!

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Was looking for this feature and found this thread. Please bring word spacing to figma.


another dummy feature missing… why dont they make the source public? I guess the community would instant PR the missing features. instead of dealing with over 3k plugins.

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+1 on missing word spacing. Pretty please

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Why haven’t they added this yet?

The Letterspacing feature affects both word, and letter spacing in Figma. I tested this by comparing Figma’s settings with typesetting units from Adobe Illustrator.

In Ai, I used 100/105pt, tracking -20% and wordspacing at 70%. In Figma 100/105pt, Letterspacing at -5%.

The results aren’t an exact match, but they are quite similar. This suggests that by changing the Letterspacing in Figma, you affect both the letterspace and the wordspace. One doesn’t change independent of the other; they are linked (either optically or automatically).

One thing type nerds can’t do yet is custom kerning.

Word spacing is the ultimate way of text refinement. As it is present in CSS, I think it doesn’t have to be a difficult implementation.

Please Figma, take care of our eyes :smile:

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Hi, relatively new Figma user here, and I just discovered there’s no word-spacing control. This seems super weird to me, as many have stated here already, it’s a key feature for creating high quality typography, and it’s already an established feature in CSS, so yeah, weird. And definitely needed. Please add it.

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This is a really important feature that must be needed when we design blogs, news, or apps related to publication.

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I made a plugin to add this feature. Maybe some of you will find it helpful.

Setting the word spacing with the plugin doesn’t interfere with Figma’s letter spacing field.

Only caveat is that the plugin mutates the text inside of the text fields you apply word spacing on, so keep that in mind.