Why the contents don't resize with the frame

I have checked and tried “resize to fit” button time and again but my contents still won’t resize with the frame size and also not while playing prototype. Please help me out.

Resize to fit doesn’t mean your content will automatically resize.
It means your frame will resize to fit the content it contains.

There is no responsive behaviour in Figma or better said it doesn’t work that way.
You should check out things like Auto Layout first, to get a glimpse how to build your elements and components.

Thanks. Does that mean I should rebuild the whole frame again?

This is what I still see.

If you want to make it responsive then Yes

But if you just want to show it properly, you should change prototype settings and fit it to the size of you design

you have to choose which device you are designing for, from the beginning.

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Is there no way to make your frame auto resize to the size of the device you chose? I would like to test my design on different screen sizes.

Hey @Midjiwan

There is a plugin called Breakpoint and gets you some result, I personally not a fan of it but you can check it out and see if works to your desired outcome