Why "on tap" only once!?

Hi there,

Could please someone explain why ‘on tap’ is only allowed once per frame in transitioning between frames when prototyping?

I just don’t get it.

When in apps you can clearly tap in numerous places through a UI’s frame. Really frustrating as well when one is trying to design something that emulates the nature of how UI works in the world.

An explanation would be heartily appreciated.


Hello @Niall_Dooley

It is true that you can only add an “on tap/on click” action to an element (frame, rectangle, text, …)
But when working on an app prototype you can bind such an action to different element of a frame (as shown below : the Add task, tasks element, and button all have an “on tap” action.

If you want to make an element do different things according to :

  • the number of time it is clicked
    You will have to tricks the system by creating a component with a duplicate state that allow it to be clicked twice: First variant as an “on click” to the second variant (which is the exact same). And the second variant has a “on click” to a third variant.

  • the duration of the click → use the “While pressing” action instead of “on click”

Unless you want to double tap an item, I’m not seeing why you would need to have more than one “on tap” interaction per element.

Let me know if it helped.

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