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Why is my assets menu not updating anymore when generating new components?


Love using Figma Starter!

Somehow my assets menu (containing the library of components I am generating on my ‘components’ page) is not updating anymore with the latest components I am generating. This becomes a hastle when wanting to use components generated on my ‘components’ page on my ‘design’ page.

Test component generated on ‘components’ page

No show in asset menu of ‘components’ page

Things I have tried but did not resolve my issue:

  • Generated new components at different levels on different pages to see if they would show up in my assets tree → nope (see pics above)
  • Renamed a couple of older components to see if it would update in my assets tree → nope
  • Created copies of main components and checked if the component functionality still works through all pages (updates) → yes it does!


  • Can you force an update/refresh? I looked for a ‘refresh’ button → sorry, could not find (maybe because I am a newbie?)
  • Did I do something funky with the naming of my other components?
  • Does Starter have a max amount of components you are allowed to have???

Any advice on what to do?

This surely looks like a bug. Does refreshing the page help or is the assets panel permanently not seeing this component? There is no max amount of components. Can you share the file link?

Hi Gleb! Thanks for your response.

Just tried to refresh the page and that seems to do the trick.

It seems that I need to refresh the page after every component that I create in order to let it show up in my assets window. Definitely not something that I needed to when creating earlier components.

File link:

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do in order to resolve this potential bug.

If you can consistently reproduce this behavior, you can report a bug to Figma support team via the bug report form.

Hi Gleb.

Thanks for your help so far. Somehow it seems to work now without refreshing the page. I therefore can not reproduce the error. Will keep a close eye on it and update this posting if it happens again.


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