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Why Hover effect doesn't work?

I am trying use so many time while interactive component hover effect don’t work. even in prototyping settings interactive component setting is enable.

Hey @Prasiddh_Chauhan,

Are you able to share your file link, so we can take a closer look at how your component set of variants are set?

I’m finding that they block links between frames also.

Not really, but maybe if I have time I can make a new file? There’s complication here with library components, company files, etc. that make it so I can’t just share files here.

Edit: I’m realizing that you were asking the OP to make an example file and I was blasting through replies quickly and thought you asked me to. Apologies

Hi @dvaliao I set up this file to show an example Figma

Thanks for flagging this, @Paul_Van_Tuyl!

This is definitely a bug. You can submit a bug report to our support team directly via the form here:


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