Why are my selections not persistent?

I’m creating a dropdown list that has multi select option through checkboxes. That means each list item has show / hide checkbox.

When using the multi-select option for the list, I do the following:

  1. Drag and drop the component to my boiard
  2. Set the state to “Expanded”. Then I go to each list item and toggle the ‘Show checkbox’.
  3. I change the state back to Default.

Now, in theory, when I click and expand the list, it should show with checkboxes. But it doesn’t. Is it a Figma bug that it does not show the checkbox I set = true in each list item?

Not sure you can access this link. But you can try anyway.

I figured it out myself. The list needs to be in all three variants - but hidden in Default and Hover sate. Do that, and the selection is persistent.

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