"While pressing" variant interaction now breaking

I have a button and was testing press interactions plus manipulating a variable but when I press on the button and release, the pressed state of the button remains. Is anyone else having this issue?


  • Button component has a variant interaction set to change to the pressed state “While pressing”
  • Adding an “On click” interaction to set a width variable to add 5 breaks the variant interaction


I’m having the same issues and trying various press types like but can’t figure it out. Did you find a solution by chance?

Yes! Figma got back to me and you have to add the interaction to the pressing action. I didn’t realize this but additional actions can be added to a component instance that already has variant actions set from its main component.

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Thanks for getting back to me! I literally just figured it out this am by complete accident. Seemingly simple, but my brain kept on wanting me to add another press action instead of just setting a variable to an existing action.

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