Where is the Hexagon/Polygon?!


I’m trying to fit this into my workflow. I’m making a game that has a hex based grid. I use this shape very often. It surely belongs with the basic primative collection FigJam currently has?!

Is there any other way I get this fella? Thanks!

A workaround: draw a triangle (called Polygon) in Figma, add more corners and copy-paste it to Figjam

Extra tip: if you want to get rid of extra wrapping of the bounding box, first convert it to a basic shape with Flatten command (Cmd+E / Ctrl+E)


Also, you may need Flatten to redefine the bounding box after rotating an object (30º in this example)

Thanks! That’s what I ended up doing, Copying from Figma but it bugs me I don’t have the auto-handles that the other primative shapes have in FigJam. They are nice to use. Anyway, thanks guess the work around is as good as it gets.

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