Where has the "Go to main component" button disappeared in assets?

Where has the “Go to main component” button disappeared in assets? She used to be, now she’s gone, who knows what this is connected with?

How was it:

right now this is not

Same problem here. Also the button “Go to Main Component” in the right sidebar has disappeared.

I found the reason: If the library is owned by a different person than the file you are working in, there exists the problem. If the library and the file owned by the same person it works.

Heya @Eike_J - can you give me a little more info here so I can look into this? You mentioned that if the library is owned by a different person the “go to main component” option isn’t appearing - is that a different person in a different organization, or are they a part of the same organization you belong to?

Hey @jjcm ,

The problem exists, in the following scenario:

Working File:

  • is owned by customer
  • Customer has its own organization
  • I was added to the file with editor permission
  • This file is working with a design library.

Design library:

  • owened by me/my organization
  • customer is viewer in this file
  • I can edit this file and have owner permissions

In this case i don’t see the button. If i create a new file (owned by me) and link it to my design-library i can see the button.

If I create a new file and link it with the customers design-library (owned by customers organization), then I don’t see the button either.

Hope it helps!

I think the problem occurs when you work cross-organisational with a design-library.

Support emailed me to tell me that I could see the “Go to main component” menu item by right-clicking on the item - this actually worked beautifully.

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Hi! Now the button is missing from the menu, which is accessed by right-clicking