When converting Japanese input in Figma's comment feature, there is a behavior where the cursor moves

When using the comment feature in Figma for Japanese input, the cursor occasionally moves to the very end of the comment upon confirming the conversion. As demonstrated in the attached capture, this behavior does not always occur with the same keyboard operations.

I am quite troubled by this and would like to see it improved.


For this demonstration, ‘Google Japanese Input’ is being used for Japanese input. However, the same behavior occurs with the Japanese input system that comes with MacOS.


@homeru Hmm, this one is out my scope of knowledge, but I’ll file a bug ticket to see if engineering has any thoughts/confirms this is a bug.

I don’t want to set any expectations on when exactly I’ll have an update, but I will try my best to keep you updated if I receive more info.

Also, I’m moving your topic over the “ask the community” category – the “Share an idea” is used for general suggestions on what you’d like to see added or existing features being improved :blush:

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@ksn Thank you for your reply! Our team will wait leisurely without rushing.
Also, thank you for changing the category!

Hi Homeru san,

In addition to my colleague @ksn 's comment, I could reproduce the behavior on my end both on app and web browser. We shared this with our internal engineering team. As Kim said, we cannot guarantee it’s going to be fixed, but if we have anything we can share with you, we will get back to you.

Let me add Japanese explanation for you here if it’s helpful for you since I’m supporting Community in Japanese too!





Toku / 徳永

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@y_toku Thank you!!(ありがとうございます!日本語サポートのご案内もありがとうございます)

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