What's your Token naming convention?

Hi friends!

Our team is in the process of building out our theme libraries. We support 50+ brands and hundreds of products and teams. Because of the diversity of our system, we often struggle with balancing simplicity, flexibility, and consistency.

Right now our naming convention is: Collection/RoleGroup/Category/Specific/State (so realistically this would look like: Theme/FILL/BRAND/Primary or Theme/TYPE/SYSTEM/On Secondary/Headline/Inactive)

Is this too complex? There was some concern that this naming convention would be create usability issue and would be hard to read for our users. A simplified version of this could look like Collection/Category/Specific (so this would be Theme/On Primary/Headline)

Personally, I feel that keeping contextual information is essential to compartmentalize and organize our tokens as well as give contextual clues to our users to improve communication.

Is this too complex? Is the other too Simple? Do we need to find something in the middle? How do you all name your Tokens?