What's the best way to create a second prototype with a dark theme?

Good afternoon, please help me to understand.

I am making a prototype with two themes light theme and dark theme.
The prototype with the light theme is not small and it also contains a lot of animations and transitions.

Question: What’s the best way to make a dark theme? Should I make a dark theme directly in the prototype page with the light theme or should I create an extra page and create a prototype with a dark theme in a new page? If I create a prototype in a new page, then how do I link to it?

Maybe you have some good advice or a tutorial?

Thank you

That sort of complexity would require something creative ) Personally I would make it either in separate page or a file

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How do I connect the prototypes if they are on different pages? I’ve never done this before. You have to click the change theme button, okay, but how do you connect them if they’re on different pages?

Two themes in one proto would require to have both themes present in a single page. In this case you could make a copy of your light style thing, apply dark mode and move all these frames back to the page with light proto. Direct copy would keep all connections intact

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