Weird bug on presentation mode in different devices using new component properties

I have used component properties since the day it came and i have loved it.

Today I faced a problem that my components prototyped design starts to behave different on other devices than my own. I captured both situations

PS: this is mostly happening in hover mode of a button

This is the actual design:

This is when starts to flicker on other devices:

It would be great if someone knows what’s wrong, but before suggestions, I want to explain what I have already did:

1- I have tried in 3 different windows devices including desktop, and laptop
2- I tried on iMac 24
3- I have tried using log in to the main account that my own device does not have the problem with on other devices
4- I have tried disabling hardware acceleration on chrome
5- I have tried changing graphics angle on chrome://flags/
6- I have also tried changing resolution and other related view point on all devices

I have no more clue of what else might be wrong. I hope someone can help me, we want to send the design to remote developers that this makes it hard to understand


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