Webm alpha disappears after a few minutes?

So I’m trying to embed video files with alpha channels for a presentation. I ran a test where I included a webm file over some live text. I previewed it as a presentation and it worked perfectly. I sent it to my manager to reveiw and when he looked at it the alpha channel was replaced w/ a black background and a white box around that content that’d previously been over transparency.

Is Figma re-encoding my file? If so it’s doing it wrong. If not, why is the video changing after a period of time?


I’m having the same issue; minutes after initial upload, the alpha channel of my videos is replaced by black background.

It would be so nice to be able to work with transparent videos in Figma :pray:


Also getting the same issue with webM recently. Occurs in Present mode when playing, looks fine in Design mode while static.

I was told by a Figma rep that they don’t plan on fixing this because safari doesn’t support webm v9 w/ transparency. This seems silly because that’s only on mobile. Also the issue is with figma’s re-compression of uploaded webm. it works fine initially but breaks after they come in and incorrectly re-compress properly encoded files. I’d prefer my files Not work on safari mobile rather than have them look wrong everywhere.

Has anyone figured out a solution to this? Designing a website for a client at the moment, and was super excited when it worked yesterday evening. Arrived back in the office this morning and greeted with a black background…

It looked so good before :frowning: